If writers were multi-tools, I would be the Swiss Army Knife, helping with a little bit of everything.

I write about making memories, entertaining the crowd and standing out from the pack. I love telling stories and helping others uncover the stories they envision.

I’m a copywriter, web content and essay writer. I’ve written articles for websites and for print publications. I’ve helped businesses improve their content, generating better business and improved web traffic. I also offer social media management and editing services.

Basically, there’s not a hat I haven’t worn.

Does your brand need to improve its image? I can do that. You can check out a selection of my best clips on my tabs for Copywriting and Articles & blogs.

What’s different about me?

I love writing in all its forms – it’s my favorite endeavor! Really.

I’m known for applying creativity to otherwise unexciting topics.

It’s my personal goal to see you succeed in your business.

Think I can help? Let’s talk!

Industry Expertise:

Wedding Entertainment

Event Planning

Careers & Higher Education

Finance & Business


“Megan has helped me grow and I honestly think she is the reason why we are having a record breaking year. My sales are up; February 2012 was the best month I have ever had. If Megan was local, I wouldn’t think twice about hiring her on as a full time employee.” ~Matt Windsor, A Posh Production